Rubber boots STRAŻAK art. 01

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Rubber boots STRAŻAK ART. 01 with an insert for Fire Brigades
Rubber boots STRAŻAK ART. 01 complying with:
PN-EN 15090:2008 “Fireman's boots” – type F2I
PN-EN 50321:2002 "Insulating boots for installation works with low voltage” and Directive No. 89/686/EWG

  • Boots constitute individual protection of category III protecting against:
    flames and heat radiation
    electric shock by variable voltage up to 1kV, symbol:”double triangle” (class 0)
    contact with a hot surface of 300 degrees C for 1 minute
    heat: level 3 of insulation HI3
    cold: insulation of the sole from cold CI
    impact energy of 200J and pressure with strength up to 15 kN (toes)
    punching with strenght up to 1100 N (feet)
    oils, water, dampness
    SRC skid (on ceramic and steel surface)
    Insulating features (class 0)

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