Training Phantom

0.00 GBP

170 cm - 156 GBP

140 cm - 139 GBP

90 cm - 125 GBP


  •  Created specifically for training needs for the firefighters, army, police, rescue teams, workplaces and ambulance personnel.
  • In order to learn how to evacuate, transport and pull the victim out of cramped or smoky rooms, vehicles, collapsed buildings, fire places, etc.
  • Application of the model: for rescue exercises, it can be placed in a room filled with smoke or gas, caves, mines, tunnels.
  • It can be used in conditions that are too dangerous for live volunteers.
  • Constructed of very durable materials to choose from: PVCF 1680 double weight 563g / m2 or synthetic material like suede 556g / m2.
  • Material strength: 580 N.
  • It has additional reinforcements on the elbows, knees and waist.
  • Available in sizes: 90 cm / 140 cm / 170 cm
  • Dispatch of an empty phantom!

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