Technical gloves Fire Safety 2

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Technical gloves
Gloves for technical and intervention work, especially when operating hydraulic tools. Made of high quality air-permeable materials. Glove fully reinforced with Kevlar. Thanks to such reinforcement, it is extremely durable and flexible. Which makes it irreplaceable in precision works.


• Provide protection for the hands of rescuers when handling tools

• Made of high quality leather

• Glove fully reinforced with Kevlar

• High air permeability.

• High adhesion to the surface being held. • Resistant to mechanical damage • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Gloves dedicated to technical rescue are not subject to the CNBOP approval process, similarly to nitrile gloves, for operations with ropes, in water, etc.

PN-EN 388: 2003-12 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks

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